The Girl Who Sat By The Ashes cover

The Girl Who Sat By The Ashes

Padraic Colum (1881-1972)

1. 01 - The Coming of Crow-feather-Cloak
2. 02 - Fruit for the King's Son
3. 03 - Girl-go-with-the-Goats Loses House Room
4. 04 - The Girl in the Goat-shed
5. 05 - Fire for the King's Son
6. 06 - Crow-feather-Cloak Again
7. 07 - Through the Three Woods and to the King's Castle
8. 08 - Water for the King's Son
9. 09 - What the Geese Talked Of
10. 10 - The King's Son Goes Seeking
11. 11 - How Maid-alone Ceased Being a Goose-herd
12. 12 - The Girl Who Sat by the Ashes
13. 13 - The Ball in the King's Castle
14. 14 - The Matchless Maiden Loses Her Golden Slipper
15. 15 - The Wisest Woman Comes to the King's Castle
16. 16 - The Clock Strikes and Maid-alone Stays

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"Because she used to herd Goats in the high places and the rocky places, she went by the name of Girl-go-with-the-Goats. But that was not the name that she herself called herself. She called herself Maid-alone..."So begins Padriac Colum's rendition of this classical, well-known tale. He was a master story teller, and in this short book combines vivid characters and a depth of plot with the rough-hewn simplicity the story demands. If you are fond of Cinderella stories, you will enjoy this book. And if you believe you dislike all such, it may yet win you over and change your mind.