George Müller of Bristol cover

George Müller of Bristol

Arthur T. Pierson (1837-1911)

1. Introduction & A Prefatory Word
2. From His Birth to His New Birth
3. The New Birth and the New Life
4. Making Ready the Chosen Vessel
5. New Steps and Stages of Preparation
6. The Pulpit and the Pastorate
7. The Narrative of the Lord's Dealings
8. Led of God Into a New Sphere
9. A Tree of God's Own Planting
10. The Growth of God's Own Plant
11. The Word of God and Prayer
12. Trials of Faith and Helpers to Faith
13. New Lessons in God's School of Prayer
14. Following the Pillar of Cloud and Fire
15. God's Building: The New Orphan Houses
16. The Manifold Grace of God
17. The Shadow of a Great Sorrow
18. The Period of World-wide Witness
19. Faith and Patience in Serving
20. At Evening-Time-Light
21. The Summary of the Life-work
22. Church Life and Growth
23. A Glance at the Gifts and the Givers
24. God's Witness to the Work
25. Last Looks, Backward and Forward

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George Muller was a great hero of faith. His greatest aim was to demonstrate that God answers prayer and can be trusted for every minute detail of life. Spending countless hours asking God to provide his needs, he only relied upon God. God called him to care for orphans and he conducted his orphanage in the same way, on faith alone. When a certain need was apparent, they would immediately go to God in prayer. In this dynamic dependance on God, He always proved faithful. He also established over a hundred schools, educating over a hundred thousand people! His example of absolute dependence on God stands in the gap of history to declare that God is enough, and He is faithful!