Game and the Candle cover

Game and the Candle

Eleanor M. Ingram (1886-1921)

1. The Decision
2. The Key to the Door
3. His Royal Highness
4. The Bond
5. The New Day
6. "The King is Dead—Long Live the King"
7. Allegiance
8. To Meet the Emperor
9. Guinevere of the South
10. A Stanief's Own
11. In the Regent's Study
12. The Turn in the Road
13. The Intervention of Adrian
14. The Ordeal
15. At the Gates of Change
16. Fire Lilies
17. An Arabian Night
18. The Last Week
19. Adrian's Day
20. Closed

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Faced with inherited debts, an estate to maintain, and no money to pay for either, brothers John and Robert Allard have a difficult decision to make. How much of their integrity are they willing to compromise in order to save their aunt and cousin from a life of poverty and to preserve "all that they call life"? Two young men with a classical education, no trade, and no outstanding talents have little chance to make the fortune they need while staying on the right side of the law. Especially as they only have six months..... (