Gambler's World & The Yillian Way cover

Gambler's World & The Yillian Way

Keith Laumer (1925-1993)

1. 1 - Gambler's World, part 1
2. 2 - Gambler's World, part 2
3. 3 - Gambler's World, part 3
4. 4 - The Yillian Way, part 1
5. 5 - The Yillian Way, part 2

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Here are two stores starring the always unconventional Terrestrial Diplomat, Retief. As a diplomat, Retief does not always follow procedure. Well the truth is that he almost never follows procedure but somehow his wit and strength manage to salvage most situations from the bumbling of his superiors. His sardonic approach to inter galactic negotiations in these two stories is a delight to hear. Despite everything, he manages to save the day and come out on top.