The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe cover

The Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Daniel Defoe

1. 01 – Revisits Island
2. 02 – Intervening History of Colony
3. 03 – Fight With Cannibals
4. 04 – Renewed Invasion of Savages
5. 05 – A Great Victory
6. 06 – The French Clergyman’s Counsel Part 1
7. 07 – The French Clergyman’s Counsel Part 2
8. 08 – Conversation Betwixt Will Atkins and His Wife
9. 09 – Sails From the Island For the Brazils
10. 10 – Dreadful Occurrences in Madagascar
11. 11 – He Is Left On Shore
12. 12 – Warned of Danger By a Countryman
13. 13 – The Carpenter’s Whimsical Contrivance
14. 14 – Arrival in China
15. 15 – Attacked By Tartars
16. 16 – Description of an Idol, Which They Destroy
17. 17 – Safe Arrival in England

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“THE FARTHER ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOE; Being the Second and Last Part OF HIS LIFE, And of the Strange Surprizing Accounts of his Travels Round three Parts of the Globe.” After the death of his wife, Robinson Crusoe is overcome by the old wanderlust, and sets out with his faithful companion Friday to see his island once again. Thus begins a journey which will last ten years and nine months, in which Crusoe travels over the world, along the way facing dangers and discoveries in Madagascar, China, and Siberia.



- Review

This book is very long and tedious. It is much more a documentary of his travels then anything. The same reader reads this book as the previous book. To be honest, I would have stopped listening within a few chapters but I wanted to see how he ended the book. It ended very abruptly, which I was a bit disappointed in.