Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale cover

Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale

Frank L. Packard (1877-1942)

1. Smarlinghue
2. The warning
3. The man with the scar
4. The diamond pendant
5. "Death to The Gray Seal!"
6. The rehabilitation of Larry the Bat
7. The bond robbery
8. At half past one
9. 'ware The Wolf!
10. The chase
11. The voices of the underworld
12. In the sanctuary
13. The secret room
14. The last card
15. Caught in the act
16. One chance in ten
17. The defaulter
18. Alias English Dick
19. The beginning of the end
20. The old-clothes shop
21. Silver Mag
22. The Tocsin's story
23. Hunchback Joe
24. At five minutes of twelve

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In the previous book of adventures, we met Jimmie Dale, a wealthy playboy by day, who at night put on a disguise and became The Gray Seal, a daredevil entering businesses or homes and cracking safes, always leaving a diamond shaped, gray paper "seal" behind to mark his conquest. He never took anything, but just wanted the thrill of it. This had spun out of control when a mysterious woman, whom Jimmie Dale nicknames The Tocsin, caught him at it and blackmailed him into doing her bidding. On her instigation, he got involved in numerous underworld crimes, righting wrongs and protecting innocent bystanders. The Tocsin is herself in hiding from her enemies in the underworld, and the two of them barely escape with their lives when they are pursued by both the criminals and the police. At the end of those previous adventures, Jimmie Dale thought he had left off his dealings with the underworld for good, and could settle down with the woman he loved. But now, The Tocsin has disappeared. Jimmie Dale is drawn back into the world of crime, crooks and opium dens to look for her, and The Gray Seal is resurrected.



- Jimmie Dale

Wonderful reader, Anna. She makes it all come alive. Very good listen.