Fritz to the Front cover

Fritz to the Front

Edward L. Wheeler (1855-1885)

1. 01 Chapter 1 - Madge
2. 02 Chapter 2 - The Strange Marriage
3. 03 Chapter 3 - The Bluff House
4. 04 Chapter 4 - The Ghastly Relic
5. 05 Chapter 5 - Bill Budge's Conversation
6. 06 Chapter 6 - On The Scent
7. 07 Chapter 7 - The Struggle
8. 08 Chapter 8 - Adrift
9. 09 Chapter 9 - Fritz's Discovery
10. 10 Chapter 10 - A Dive For Life
11. 11 Chapter 11 - A Father's Brutality
12. 12 Chapter 12 - A Pitiful End
13. 13 Conclusion

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    Fritz to the Front is the story of an Irish tramp who wants to be a detective, and is an expert at ventriloquism. The story opens with a mysterious elopement, which Fritz is asked to be a witness to at the wedding. The next day, Fritz meets the father of the bride and he claimed that his daughter is, at times, in a sense, mad. She falls into trances that can last for days. And while in this state met a young man who convinced her to steal 20,000 pounds and meet him in a small town and marry him. Is this story true? Or is it a fabulous falsehood created by the father for some reason of his own? Join Fritz on his quest to solve this mystery with many adventures along the way.