French Mediaeval Romances from the Lays of Marie de France cover

French Mediaeval Romances from the Lays of Marie de France

Marie de France

1. 00 - Introduction
2. 01 - I. Prologue by Way of Dedication
3. 02 - II. The Lay of Gugemar
4. 03 - III. The Lay of The Dolorous Knight
5. 04 - IV. The Lay of Eliduc
6. 05 - V. The Lay of The Nightengale
7. 06 - VI. The Lay of Sir Launfal
8. 07 - VII. The Lay of the Two Lovers
9. 08 - VIII. The Lay of The Were-Wolf
10. 09 - IX. The Lay of the Ash Tree
11. 10 - X. The Lay of The Honeysuckle
12. 11 - XI. The Lay of Equitan
13. 12 - XII. The Lay of Milon
14. 13 - XIII. The Lay of Yonec
15. 14 - XIV. The Lay of The Thorn
16. 15 - XV. The Lay of Graelent
17. 16 - XVI. A Story of Beyond The Sea
18. 17 - XVII. The Chatelaine of Vergi

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The tales included in this little book of translations are derived mainly from the "Lays" of Marie de France. I do not profess them to be a complete collection of her stories in verse. The ascription varies. Poems which were included in her work but yesterday are withdrawn to-day, and new matter suggested by scholars to take the place of the old. I believe it to be, however, a far fuller version of Marie's "Lays" than has yet appeared, to my knowledge, in English. Marie's poems are concerned chiefly with love. To complete my book I have added two famous mediaeval stories on the same excellent theme. This, then, may be regarded as a volume of French romances, dealing, generally, with one aspect of mediaeval life.