Fourteen Months in American Bastiles cover

Fourteen Months in American Bastiles

Francis Key Howard (1826-1872)

1. 0 - Preface
2. 1 - Fort McHenry
3. 2 - Fortress Monroe
4. 3 - Fort LaFayette Part 1
5. 4 - Fort LaFayette Part 2
6. 5 - The Steamboat State of Maine
7. 6 - Fort Warren Part 1
8. 7 - Fort Warren Part 2
9. 8 - Fort Warren Part 3

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Francis Key Howard recounts in this book his life as a political prisoner of the United States. He points out that he was held captive at the same location where his grandfather was inspired to write the national anthem about the "land of the free," which makes a very stunning contrast. The sufferings that were imposed on him by the Union forces had the effect of solidifying his determination to resist unjust governmental dictates. (Introduction by Katie Riley)