The Fortunes of Philippa cover

The Fortunes of Philippa

Angela Brazil

1. 01 - My Southern Home
2. 02 - My Cousins
3. 03 - I Go To School
4. 04 - The Hollies
5. 05 - The Winstanleys
6. 06 - Mischief
7. 07 - Tit for Tat
8. 08 - A Breaking-Up Party
9. 09 - A Hard Time
10. 10 - A Picnic and an Adventure
11. 11 - At Marshlands Again
12. 12 - The Ignacia

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The Fortunes of Philippa is based on the author's mother, Angelica Brazil, who had grown up in Rio de Janeiro and attended an English boarding school at the age of 10, finding the English culture, school life and climate confronting.



- Old School

Literally! This book is based on the author's mother's experiences and reads like a series of memories rather than a gripping tale of imagination, but it's a pleasant account of a colonial girl's education in an English boarding school and if you like old-fashioned books worth listening to. The reader does a fine job of reading in a clear, English-accented voice. It's a straight read with no attempt at characterization.