Folk Tales Every Child Should Know cover

Folk Tales Every Child Should Know

Hamilton Wright Mabie (1846-1916)

1. Introduction
2. Hans In Luck
3. Why The Sea Is Salt
4. The Lad Who Went To The North Wind
5. The Lad And The Deil
6. Ananzi And The Lion
7. The Grateful Foxes
8. The Badger's Money
9. Why Brother Bear Has No Tail
10. The Origin Of Rubies
11. Long, Broad And Sharpsight
12. Intelligence And Luck
13. George With The Goat
14. The Wonderful Hair
15. The Dragon And The Prince
16. The Good Children
17. The Dun Horse
18. The Greedy Youngster
19. Hans Who Made The Princess Laugh
20. The Story Of Tom Tit Tot
21. The Peasant Story Of Napoleon

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We have always loved stories. people have always entertained each other by telling tales around the campfire; traveling storytellers were huge crowd-pullers. Many of these stories were passed down through the generations, largely unchanged. "The stories made by the people, and told before evening fires, or in public places and at the gates of inns in the Orient, belong to the ages when books were few and knowledge limited, or to people whose fancy was not hampered by familiarity with or care for facts; they are the creations, as they were the amusement, of men and women who were children in knowledge, but were thinking deeply and often wisely of what life meant to them, and were eager to know and hear more about themselves, their fellows, and the world. In the earlier folk-stories one finds a childlike simplicity and readiness to believe in the marvellous; and these qualities are found also in the French peasant's version of the career of Napoleon. " (from the Introduction).