Five Little Peppers at School cover

Five Little Peppers at School

Margaret Sidney (1844-1924)

1. Preface
2. Hard Times for Joel
3. The Tennis Match
4. A Narrow Escape
5. Of Various Things
6. At Silvia Horne's
7. The Accident
8. The Salisbury Girls
9. 'We're to Have Our Picnic!'
10. All About the Poor Brakeman
11. Joel and His Dog
12. The United Clubs
13. Some Every-Day Fun
14. The Picnic
15. Miss Salisbury's Story
16. The Broken Vase
17. New Plans
18. Phronsie
19. Tom's Story
20. The Grand Entertainment
21. The Corcoran Family
22. At the Play
23. Pickering Dodge
24. The Clemcy Garden Party
25. The Piece of News
26. 'The Very Prettiest Affair'

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The Five Little Peppers are off to school - Joel and Davie at a boys' boarding school, Polly, Phronsie and Ben at home. At first the storyline shifts between the boys and the girls, until the boys come home for the holidays and all the children are caught up in plans to help the poor family of a brakeman who was killed in an accident. Meanwhile Polly struggles to keep Jasper's friend from being expelled, Phronsie has a frightening accident and Ben works hard to repay Mr. King. It's another heart-warming tale from the author of Five Little Peppers and How They Grew!