Fire People cover

Fire People

Ray Cummings (1887-1957)

1. The Coming of the Light
2. The Unknown Enemy
3. The Landing of the Invaders
4. The Meeting
5. Captured!
6. Miela
7. The Mercutian Camp
8. The Escape
9. Futile Attacks
10. Miela's Story
11. To Save the World
12. The Landing on Mercury
13. The Captive Earth-Man
14. The Ruler of the Light Country
15. The Mountain Conclave
16. The Fire Planet
17. The Fight at the Bayou
18. Revolution
19. The New Ruler
20. In the Twilight Country
21. Another Light-Ray!
22. The Theft of the Light-Ray
23. The Storm
24. The Water City
25. Preparations for War
26. The Battle
27. The Siege of the Lone City
28. The End of Tao
29. The Return

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In effect Professor Newland declared that the curious astronomical phenomena of the previous November--the new "stars" observed, the two meteors that had fallen with their red and green light-fire--were all evidence of the existence of intelligent life on the planet Mercury. (An excerpt from chapter 1. )