Finn The Wolfhound cover

Finn The Wolfhound

Alec John Dawson (1872-1951)

1. Chapter 1 The Mother Of Heroes
2. Chapter 2 In The Beginning
3. Chapter 3 The Foster-mother
4. Chapter 4 First Steps
5. Chapter 5 Youth Beside The Downs
6. Chapter 6 The Ordeal Of The Ring
7. Chapter 7 Revelations
8. Chapter 8 Finn Walks Alone
9. Chapter 9 The Heart Of Tara
10. Chapter 10 A Transition Stage
11. Chapter 11 A Sea Change
12. Chapter 12 The Parting Of The Ways
13. Chapter 13 An Adventure By Night
14. Chapter 14 The Southern Cross Circus
15. Chapter 15 The Making Of A Wild Beast
16. Chapter 16 Martyrdom
17. Chapter 17 Freedom
18. Chapter 18 Too Late
19. Chapter 19 The Domestic Lure
20. Chapter 20 The Sunday Hunt
21. Chapter 21 Three Dingoes Went A-walking
22. Chapter 22 A Break-up In Arcadia
23. Chapter 23 The Outcast
24. Chapter 24 A Lone Bachelor
25. Chapter 25 Mated
26. Chapter 26 The Pack And Its Masters
27. Chapter 27 Single Combat
28. Chapter 28 Domestic Life In The Mountain Den
29. Chapter 29 Tragedy In The Mountain Den
30. Chapter 30 The Exodus
31. Chapter 31 The Trail Of Man
32. Chapter 32 In The Last Ditch
33. Chapter 33 Back From The Wild

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Dawson published over thirty books, the one best remembered today probably being the animal adventure story Finn the Wolfhound (1908)…. His own dog Tynagh and her son Gareth, who was described as the largest and finest specimen of his breed to date, served as the models for Tara and Finn in Finn the Wolfhound (1908). This is probably Dawson’s best-remembered and certainly his most frequently reprinted work: Finn, a champion Irish Wolfhound, is taken from England to Australia where he undergoes a series of adventures, being exhibited as a wild animal in a circus and escaping to live in the outback before eventually finding his old master and saving his life.