The Fighting Governor : A Chronicle of Frontenac cover

The Fighting Governor : A Chronicle of Frontenac

Charles W. Colby (1867-1955)

1. 1 – Canada in 1672
2. 2 – Louis de Buade, Comte de Frontenac
3. 3 – Frontenac’s First Years in Canada
4. 4 – Governor, Bishop, and Intendant
5. 5 – Frontenac’s Public Policy
6. 6 – The Lurid Interval
7. 7 – The Great Struggle
8. 8 – Frontenac’s Last Days

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The Canada to which Frontenac came in 1672 was no longer the infant colony it had been when Richelieu founded the Company of One Hundred Associates. Though its inhabitants numbered less than seven thousand, the institutions under which they lived could not have been more elaborate or precise. In short, the divine right of the king to rule over his people was proclaimed as loudly in the colony as in the motherland. This book follows Frontenac through his life as a public officer in Canada.