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Fall of the Nibelungs


1. First Adventure
2. Second Adventure
3. Third Adventure
4. Fourth Adventure
5. Fifth Adventure
6. Sixth Adventure
7. Seventh Adventure
8. Eighth Adventure
9. Ninth Adventure
10. Tenth Adventure
11. Eleventh Adventure
12. Twelfth Adventure
13. Thirteenth Adventure
14. Fourteenth Adventure
15. Fifthteenth Adventure
16. Sixteenth Adventure
17. Seventeenth Adventure
18. Eighteenth Adventure
19. Nineteenth Adventure
20. Twentieth Adventure
21. Twenty-first Adventure
22. Twenty-second Adventure
23. Twenty-third Adventure
24. Twenty-fourth Adventure
25. Twenty-fifth Adventure
26. Twenty-sixth Adventure
27. Twenty-seventh Adventure
28. Twenty-eighth Adventure
29. Twenty-ninth Adventure
30. Thirtieth Adventure
31. Thirty-first Adventure
32. Thirty-second Adventure
33. Thirty-third Adventure
34. Thirty-fourth Adventure
35. Thirty-fifth Adventure
36. Thirty-sixth Adventure
37. Thirty-seventh Adventure
38. Thirty-eighth Adventure
39. Thirty-ninth Adventure

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"The Fall of the Nibelungs" is Margaret Armour's plain prose translation from the middle high German of the "Nibelungenlied", a poetic saga of uncertain authorship written about the year 1200. The story is believed by many to be based on the destruction of the Burgundians, a Germanic tribe, in 436 by mercenary Huns recruited for the task by the Roman general Flavius Aëtius. The introduction to the 1908 edition summarizes the story, "And so 'the discord of two women,' to quote Carlyle, 'is as a little spark of evil passion, which ere long enlarges itself into a crime; foul murder is done; and now the sin rolls on like a devouring fire, till the guilty and the innocent are alike encircled with it, and a whole land is ashes, and a whole race is swept away.'", a story not for the faint of heart.