The Eyes Have It & Tony and the Beetles cover

The Eyes Have It & Tony and the Beetles

Philip K. Dick (1928-1982)

1. 1 - The Eyes Have It
2. 2 - Tony and the Beetles, part 1
3. 3 - Tony and the Beetles, part 2

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Aliens have invaded the earth! Horrible one celled creatures disguised as normal human beings ! Well, at least that is what it seems to the author. Yes, The Eyes Have It is a whimsical story, making gentle fun of certain writing styles, but only a topflight science-fictionist like Philip Dick , we thought, could have written this story, in just this way. Tony and the Beetles takes place far in the future when Earth's enormous colonial empire is well established but the question is, how long can it last? 10 year old Tony grows up fast when history catches up with the human race. A sobering look at human history .. and our probable future. Two very different stories but both entertaining.


andy wogan

- The Eyes Have It

Very very silly but amusing. I cant think of a better reader than Phil to bring its silliness to life. Tony and the Beetles seemed a tad pointless