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Susan Coolidge (1835-1905)

1. Lady Jane And Lord Guildford
2. After School
3. Mr. Joyce
4. A Day With The Shakers
5. How The Black Dog Had His Day
6. Changes
7. Between The Old Home And The New
8. Causey Island
9. Shut Up In The Oven
10. A Long Year In A Short Chapter
11. A Storm On The Coast
12. Transplanted

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"Imagination is like a sail, as Mr. Joyce had said that evening; but sails are good and useful things sometimes, and carry their owners over deep waters and dark waves, which else might dampen, and drench, and drown." Twelve year old Isabella Bright is endowed with just such an imagination and spends her time amusing herself and her friends with stories. Will her imagination be called upon to help her navigate tempestuous seas?