Everybody's Lonesome cover

Everybody's Lonesome

Clara E. Laughlin (1873-1941)

1. 1 - Chapters 01 and 02
2. 2 - Chapters 03 and 04
3. 3 - Chapters 05 and 06
4. 4 - Chapters 07 and 08
5. 5 - Chapters 09 and 10
6. 6 - Chapters 11 and 12

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Twenty-year-old Mary Alice is bored with her home life and envious of the beautiful, poised, popular girls she sees at parties. At her mother's advice, she reluctantly visits her Godmother in New York, who teaches Mary Alice a little homemade "magic" and the one great Secret that will put her at ease with other people. How can Mary Alice learn to use these gifts to bring happiness into her own life and other lives? Although this charming novelette is subtitled "A True Fairy Story," it reveals that most of the "magic" in life can be found within ourselves. (Introduction by Jan MacGillivray)