Epitome of the Formula of Concord cover

Epitome of the Formula of Concord

Jakob Andreae

1. 00 Summary, Rule and Norm
2. 01 Original Sin
3. 02 Free Will
4. 03 The Righteousness of Faith
5. 04 Good Works
6. 05 Law and Gospel
7. 06 The Third Use of the Law
8. 07 The Lord's Supper
9. 08 The Person of Christ
10. 09 The Descent into Hell
11. 10 Church Rites
12. 11 Predestination
13. 12 Other Heresies and Sects

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Formula of Concord (1577) is an authoritative Lutheran statement of faith (called a confession, creed, or "symbol") that, in its two parts (Epitome and Solid Declaration), makes up the final section of the Lutheran Corpus Doctrinae or Body of Doctrine, known as the Book of Concord. The Epitome is a brief and concise presentation of the Formula's twelve articles.