England cover


Sir Frank Fox (1874-1960)

1. 00 - Preface
2. 01 - The Making of England - The Britons and the Romans
3. 02 - The Making of England The Anglo-saxons and the Normans
4. 03 - The English Landscape and the English Love of it
5. 04 - The Training of Young England
6. 05 - England at Work
7. 06 - England at Play
8. 07 - The Cities of England
9. 08 - The Rivers of England
10. 09 - England's Shrines
11. 10 - The Poorer Population
12. 11 - The Arts in England
13. 12 - Political Life in England
14. 13 - The Defence of England

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What is this strange land called England; so small in size yet so powerful in influence? What makes her so unique, talented and persistent? This book attempts to answer that. It is a short, well written explanation of England as a unique country written by someone who loved it deeply and yet, as an Australian, could be a bit impartial. In the first part he explains the 'making' of England; the Britons and the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons and the Normands. But from there he attempts to give an essence or flavor, delving into the work, the play, the schools, the churches and especially the landscape which make it special. "I have sought in this book to give an impression of some of the most "English" features of the land, devoting a little space first to an attempt to explain the origins of the English people. Thus the English fields and flowers and trees, the English homes and schools are given far more attention than English cities, English manufactures; for they are more peculiar to the land and the people. More markedly than in any superiority of her material greatness England stands apart from the rest of the world as the land of green trees and meadows, the land of noble schools and of sweet homes" from the preface