Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 4 "Bradford, William" to "Brequigny, Louis" cover

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 4 "Bradford, William" to "Brequigny, Louis"


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Transcriber's notes:(1) Numbers following letters (without space) like C2 were originally printed in subscript. Letter subscripts are preceded by an underscore, like C n.(2) Characters following a carat (^) were printed in superscript.(3) Side notes were relocated to function as titles of their respective paragraphs.(4) Macrons and breves above letters and dots below letters were not inserted.(5) The following typographical errors have been corrected: ARTICLE BRAIN: "The cough, the eye closure, the impulse to smile, all these can be suppressed." 'impulse' amended from 'impluse'. ARTICLE BRAIN: "The deep ends of these olfactory neurones having entered the central nervous organ come into contact with the of large neurones, called, from their shape, mitral." 'dendrites' amended from 'dentrites'. ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA A DICTIONARY OF ARTS, SCIENCES, LITERATURE AND GENERAL INFORMATION ELEVENTH EDITION VOLUME IV, SLICE IV Bradford, William to Brequigny, Louis ARTICLES IN THIS SLICE: BRADFORD, WILLIAM (governor) BRAOSE, WILLIAM DE BRADFORD, WILLIAM (printer) BRASCASSAT, JACQUES RAYMOND BRADFORD, WILLIAM (painter) BRAS D'OR BRADFORD (England) BRASDOR, PIERRE BRADFORD (Pennsylvania, U.S.A.) BRASIDAS BRADFORD CLAY BRASS (Nigeria) BRADFORD ON AVON BRASS (alloy) BRADLAUGH, CHARLES BRASSES, MONUMENTAL BRADLEY, GEORGE GRANVILLE BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG, CHARLES BRADLEY, JAMES BRASSEY, THOMAS BRADSHAW, GEORGE BRASSÓ BRADSHAW, HENRY (English poet) BRATHWAIT, RICHARD BRADSHAW, HENRY (British scholar) BRATIANU, ION C. BRADSHAW, JOHN BRATLANDSDAL BRADWARDINE, THOMAS BRATTISHING BRADY, NICHOLAS BRATTLEBORO BRAEKELEER, HENRI JEAN DE BRAUNAU BRAEMAR BRAUNSBERG BRAG BRAVO BRAGA BRAWLING BRAGANZA BRAY, SIR REGINALD BRAGG, BRAXTON BRAY, THOMAS BRAGI BRAY (England) BRAHAM, JOHN BRAY (Ireland) BRAHE, PER BRAYLEY, EDWARD WEDLAKE BRAHE, TYCHO BRAZIER BRAHMAN BRAZIL (legendary island) BRAHMANA BRAZIL (republic) BRAHMANISM BRAZIL (Indiana, U...