Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 1 "Bisharin" to "Bohea" cover

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 1 "Bisharin" to "Bohea"


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Transcriber's notes:(1) Numbers following letters (without space) like C2 were originally printed in subscript. Letter subscripts are preceded by an underscore, like C n.(2) Characters following a carat (^) were printed in superscript.(3) Side notes were relocated to function as titles of their respective paragraphs.(4) Macrons and breves above letters and dots below letters were not inserted.(5) The following typographical errors have been corrected: ARTICLE BLEACHING: "Coal gas mixed with air is sent under pressure through pipe a into the burners b, b, where the mixture burns with an intense heat." 'into' amended from 'ino'. ARTICLE BLUEBEARD: "BLUEBEARD, the monster of Charles Perrault's tale of Barbe Bleue, who murdered his wives and hid their bodies in a locked room. Perrault's tale was first printed in his Histoires et contes du temps passé (1697)." 'temps' amended from 'tems'. ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA A DICTIONARY OF ARTS, SCIENCES, LITERATURE AND GENERAL INFORMATION ELEVENTH EDITION VOLUME IV, SLICE I Bisharin to Bohea ARTICLES IN THIS SLICE: BISHÂRÎN BLENDE BISHOP, SIR HENRY ROWLEY BLENHEIM BISHOP, ISABELLA BLENNERHASSETT, HARMAN BISHOP BLERA BISHOP AUCKLAND BLESSINGTON, MARGUERITE BISHOP'S CASTLE BLIDA BISHOP STORTFORD BLIGH, WILLIAM BISKRA BLIND, MATHILDE BISLEY BLIND HOOKEY BISMARCK, OTTO LEOPOLD VON BLINDING BISMARCK (North Dakota, U.S.A.) BLINDMAN'S BUFF BISMARCK ARCHIPELAGO BLINDNESS BISMILLAH BLISS, CORNELIUS NEWTON BISMUTH BLISTER BISMUTHITE BLIZZARD BISMYA BLOCK, MARK...