Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 1 "Austria, Lower" to "Bacon" cover

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 1 "Austria, Lower" to "Bacon"


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Transcriber's note: A few typographical errors have been corrected: they are listed at the end of the text. Volume and page numbers have been incorporated into the text of each page as: v.03 p.0001.[=a] signifies "a with macron"; [h.] "h with dot below"; ['c] "c acute"; and so forth.THE ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICAA DICTIONARY OF ARTS, SCIENCES, LITERATURE AND GENERAL INFORMATIONELEVENTH EDITIONVOLUME IIIAUSTRIA LOWER to BISECTRIX[E Text Edition of Volume III Part 1 of 2, Slice 1 of 3 AUSTRIA LOWER to BACON] INITIALS USED IN VOLUME III. TO IDENTIFY INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTORS,[1] WITH THE HEADINGS OF THE ARTICLES IN THIS VOLUME SO SIGNED.A. C. P. ANNA C. PAUES, PH.D. Lecturer in Germanic Philology at Newnham College, Cambridge. Formerly Fellow of Newnham College. Author of A Fourteenth Century Biblical Version ; &c. Bible, English.A. C. S. ALGERNON CHARLES SWINBURNE. See biographical article: SWINBURNE, ALGERNON C. Beaumont and Fletcher.A. F. P. ALBERT FREDERICK POLLARD, M.A., F.R.HIST.SOC. Professor of English History in the University of London. Fellow of All Souls' College, Oxford. Assistant Editor of the Dictionary of National Biography , 1893 1901. Lothian prizeman (Oxford), 1892; Arnold prizeman, 1898. Author of England under the Protector Somerset ; Henry VIII. ; Life of Thomas Cranmer ; &c. Balnaves; Barnes, Robert; Bilney.A. Go. REV. ALEXANDER GORDON, M.A. Lecturer on Church History in the University of Manchester. Beza.A. G. G. SIR ALFRED GEORGE GREENHILL, M.A., F.R.S. Formerly Professor of Mathematics in the Ordnance College, Woolwich. Author of Differential and Integral Calculus with Applications ; Hydrostatics ; Notes on Dynamics ; &c. Ballistics.A. Hl. ARTHUR HASSALL, M.A. Student and Tutor of Christ Church, Oxford. Author of A Handbook of European History ; The Balance of Power ; &c. Editor of the 3rd edition of T. H. Dyer's History of Modern Europe ...