Enchanted Typewriter cover

Enchanted Typewriter

John Kendrick Bangs (1862-1922)

1. 01 - The Discovery
2. 02 - Mr. Boswell Imparts Some Late News of Hades
3. 03 - From Advance Sheets of Baron Munchausen's Further Recollections
4. 04 - A Chat With Xanthippe
5. 05 - The Editing of Xanthippe
6. 06 - The Boswell Tours: Personally Conducted
7. 07 - An Important Decision
8. 08 - A Hand-Book to Hades
9. 09 - Sherlock Holmes Again
10. 10 - Golf in Hades

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The Enchanted Typewriter is a collection of short stories by the American author John Kendrick Bangs, written in 1899 in the style that has become known as Bangsian fantasy. Bangs attributes many of the stories to the late (and invisible) James Boswell, who has become an editor for a newspaper in Hades, and who communicates with the author by means of an old typewriter. The fantasy stories in this book are part of the author's Hades series, named for the stories' setting.