The Enchanted Castle: Fairy Tales from Flowerland cover

The Enchanted Castle: Fairy Tales from Flowerland

Hartwell James

1. 00 – Introduction
2. 01 – The Enchanted Castle
3. 02 – The Fair Maids of February
4. 03 – The Loveless Youth
5. 04 – The Wind Flower
6. 05 – The Fate of Hyacinthus
7. 06 – St. Leonard and the Fiery Snake
8. 07 – A Fair Prisoner
9. 08 – The Ungrateful Traveler
10. 09 – The Star of Bethlehem
11. 10 – The Angel’s Gift
12. 11 – The Holy Hay
13. 12 – The Search for Gold
14. 13 – The Flower Fairies

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Every boy and girl—and for that matter every man and woman, too—rejoices when the winter snows have vanished and the earth once more puts on her beautiful dress of green, for then the flowers wake from their sleep and clothe the earth with beauty.Because all boys and girls love flowers, those of them who read this book will be interested in the beautiful stories they have to tell, loving them even more when they know something of their past history and some of the events with which they are associated.