Empire of Russia from the Remotest Periods to the Present Time cover

Empire of Russia from the Remotest Periods to the Present Time

John S. C. Abbott (1805-1877)

1. Preface
2. Parentage and Birth of Russia
3. Growth and Consolidation of Russia
4. Reigns of Vlademer, Yaroslaf, Ysiaslaf and Vsevolod
5. Years of War and Woe
6. Mstislaf and Andre
7. The Grand Princes of Vladimir, and the Invasion of Genghis Khan
8. The Sway of the Tartar Princes
9. Resurrection of the Russian Monarchy
10. Dmitri, Vassali, and the Mogol Tamerlane
11. The Illustrious Ivan III
12. The Reign of Vassili
13. Ivan IV - His Minority
14. The Reign of Ivan IV
15. The Reign of Ivan IV - Continued
16. The Abdication of Ivan IV
17. The Storms of Hereditary Succession
18. A Change of Dynasty
19. The Regency of Sophia
20. Peter the Great
21. Conquests and Achievements of Peter the Great
22. The Trial and Condemnation of Alexis and Death of the Tzar
23. The Reigns of Catharine I, Anne, the Infant Ivan and Elizabeth
24. Peter III and His Bride
25. The Conspiracy; and Accession of Catharine II
26. Reign of Catharine II
27. Reign of Catharine II
28. Termination of the Reign of Catharine II
29. The Reign of Paul I
30. Assassination of Paul and Accession of Alexander
31. Reign of Alexander I
32. Nicholas

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A history of Russia from 500 B.C. to 1855 A.D., written by John Stevens Cabot Abbott, the brother of Jacob Abbott.