The Ego Machine cover

The Ego Machine

Henry Kuttner (1915-1958)

1. 1 – The Ego Machine (Chapters 1 – 2)
2. 2 – The Ego Machine (Chapter 3)

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Celebrated playwright Nicholas Martin didn’t read the small print in his Hollywood options contract. Now he’s facing five years of servitude to a conceited director named Raoul St. Cyr, who’s taken a thoughtful play about Portuguese fishermen and added dancing mermaids. When it seems the plot has changed to include a robot from the future Nicholas looses all hope, but this robot may be just what he needs to win his freedom. – The Ego Machine was first published in the May, 1952 issue of Space Science Fiction magazine.



- The Ego Machine

A good old fashioned SciFi story, appropriately and well narrated by Greg Magaritt.