The Ebb-Tide cover

The Ebb-Tide

Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne (1850-1894)

1. 01 - Night On the Beach
2. 02 - Morning On the Beach - The Three Letters
3. 03 - The Old Calaboose - Destiny At the Door
4. 04 - The Yellow Flag
5. 05 - The Cargo of Champagne
6. 06 - The Partners
7. 07 - The Pearl-Fisher
8. 08 - Better Acquaintance
9. 09 - The Dinner Party
10. 10 - The Open Door
11. 11 - David & Goliath
12. 12 - Tail-Piece

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Three men down on their luck in Tahiti agree to ship out on a vessel whose officers have died of smallpox. Their desperate venture inspires them to a further idea: they will steal the schooner and its cargo of champagne, sell them, and live a plentiful life. The thought is intoxicating... and so is the cargo, which they sample. Inattention nearly brings them to grief in a sudden storm. This sobering experience is followed by another - apparently the dead officers had a similar ambition! - and their dreams of riches vanish.Then, nearly out of provisions and deep in the heart of the Pacific where the chart shows no land - they happen on a small isle only hinted at in the records and never mapped. Saved! But what is this? The island hides a pearl fishery?In the ebb-tide of fortune, what new villainy will the three attempt?