East of the Sun and West of the Moon cover

East of the Sun and West of the Moon

Peter Christen Asbjørnsen (1812-1885)

1. 00 - Preface
2. 01 - East of the Sun and West of the Moon
3. 02 - The Blue Belt
4. 03 - Prince Lindworm
5. 04 - The Lassie and her Godmother
6. 05 - The Husband Who was to Mind the House
7. 06 - The Lad Who went to the North Wind
8. 07 - The Three Princesses of Whiteland
9. 08 - Soria Moria Castle
10. 09 - The Giant Who had no Heart in his Body
11. 10 - The Princess on the Glass Hill
12. 11 - The Widow's Son
13. 12 - The Three Billy Goats Gruff
14. 13 - The Three Princesses in the Blue Mountain
15. 14 - The Cat on the Dovrefell
16. 15 - One's Own Children are always Prettiest

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Once on a time there was a poor husbandman who had so many children that he hadn’t much of either food or clothing to give them. Pretty children they all were, but the prettiest was the youngest daughter, who was so lovely there was no end to her loveliness.So one day, ’twas on a Thursday evening late at the fall of the year, the weather was so wild and rough outside, and it was so cruelly dark, and rain fell and wind blew, till the walls of the cottage shook again. There they all sat round the fire, busy with this thing and that. But just then, all at once something gave three taps on the window-pane. Then the father went out to see what was the matter; and, when he got out of doors, what should he see but a great big White Bear.“Good-evening to you!” said the White Bear.“The same to you!” said the man.“Will you give me your youngest daughter? If you will, I’ll make you as rich as you are now poor,” said the Bear. (from the book)This collection of old Scandinavian fairy tales will enchant you with stories of trolls, enchanted castles, princesses and a White Bear (summary by Nadine)