East by West: a Journey in the Recess cover

East by West: a Journey in the Recess

Henry W. Lucy (1842-1924)

1. 01 - Off Sandy Hook
2. 02 - New York City
3. 03 - Some Western Towns
4. 04 - Life and Death in the Far West
5. 05 - In the Rocky Mountains
6. 06 - A Mining Camp in the Rocky Mountains
7. 07 - The City of the Saints
8. 08 - The Mormon President at Home
9. 09 - By the Golden Gate
10. 10 - The Labour Question
11. 11 - On the Railway Cars
12. 12 - The Heathen Chinee
13. 13 - Some Japanese Traits
14. 14 - Fete Day in Asakusa
15. 15 - The Mikado's Birthday Fete
16. 16 - Across Country in Jinrikishas
17. 17 - The Tombs of the Shoguns
18. 18 - Roadside and River
19. 19 - A Japanese Theatre

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East by West: a Journey in the Recess is an account of British journalist Henry Lucy's travels across America and on to the Far East during the parliamentary recess in 1883. Lucy was one of the most influential journalists of his day and, as "Toby M.P.", a noted humorist in Punch magazine. His acute powers of observation and light touch make this a most engaging book. It is a fascinating insight into the Englishman's travels abroad within two decades of the American Civil War and the end of Japanese isolationism.This is the first of two volumes covering his journey with his wife. This first volume includes his travels in America and in Japan, including the Atlantic and Pacific crossings by steamer. Volume II, which I hope to record later, continues his experiences in Japan and India, returning home via Aden and the Suez Canal. (Introduction by Ruth Golding)