The Dutch Twins cover

The Dutch Twins

Lucy Fitch Perkins (1865-1937)

1. 00 - Kit and Kat
2. 01 - The Day They Went Fishing
3. 02 - Market Day With Father
4. 03 - Mother's Day
5. 04 - One Sunday
6. 05 - The Day They Drove The Milk Cart
7. 06 - The Day They Got Their Skates

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The Dutch Twins are Kit and Kat, 5 years old and not yet big enough to be called by their real names, Christopher and Katrina. They live in a typical Dutch household, around the turn of the last century. The book follows their day-to-day adventures and accidental mishaps. The book is the first of a series of stories about twins in different countries, meant to give children an idea of life and customs in various parts of the world.