Dude Wrangler cover

Dude Wrangler

Caroline Lockhart (1871-1962)

1. The Girl From Wyoming
2. The Happy Family
3. Pinkey
4. The Brand of Cain
5. Gentle Annie
6. Burning His Bridges
7. His 'Gat'
8. Neighbours
9. Cutting His Eyeteeth
10. The Best Pulling Team in the State
11. Merry Christmas
12. The Water Witch
13. Wiped Out
14. Lifting a Cache
15. Collecting A Bad Debt
16. The Exodus
17. Counting Their Chickens
18. The Millionaires
19. A Shock For Mr. Canby
20. Wallie Qualifies as a First-Class Hero
21. Worman! Worman!
22. Knocking 'Em for a Curve!
23. Rifts
24. Hicks the Avenger - Part 1
25. Hicks the Avenger - Part 2
26. And Just Then----

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Spoiled, handsome, 24 year old Easterner meets pretty, no-nonsense gal from Wyoming, is instantly smitten and does a sea-change to try and impress her in this genial romantic comedy.



- Dude Wrangler

enjoyed it greatly....the reader is a bit hesitant in the first few chapters...but ends up doing a great job !