The Dragon of Wantley cover

The Dragon of Wantley

Owen Wister (1860-1938)

1. 00 Dedication And First And Second Prefaces
2. 01 Chapter 01 How Sir Godfrey Came To Lose His Temper
3. 02 Chapter 02 How His Daughter, Miss Elaine, Behaved In Consequence
4. 03 Chapter 03 Reveals The Dragon In His Den
5. 04 Chapter 04 Tells All About Him
6. 05 Chapter 05 In Which The Hero Makes His First Appearance & Is At Once Locked Up
7. 06 Chapter 06 Miss Elaine Loses Her Heart & Finds Something Of The Greatest Importance
8. 07 Chapter 07 Show What Curious Things You May See, If You Don't Go To Bed When You Are Sent
9. 08 Chapter 08 Contains A Dilemma With Two Simply Egregious Horns
10. 09 Chapter 09 Leaves Much Room For Guessing About Chapter Ten
11. 10 Chapter 10 The Great White Christmas At Wantley

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A novel, The Dragon of Wantley, was written by Owen Wister (best known as the author of The Virginian) in 1892. Published by Lipincott Press, the story is a comic "burlesque" (in the author's words), concerning the "true" story of the Dragon. It is a romantic story set at Christmastime in the early 13th century. The book was a surprise success, going through four editions over the next ten years. This is the 1895 edition.


andy wogan

Good fun Well told