Dracula's Guest and other Weird Tales cover

Dracula's Guest and other Weird Tales

Bram Stoker (1847-1912)

1. 01 - Dracula's Guest
2. 02 - The Judge's House
3. 03 - The Squaw
4. 04 - The Secret of the Growing Gold
5. 05 - The Gipsy Prophecy
6. 06 - The Coming Of Abel Behenna
7. 07 - The Burial of the Rats, Pt 1
8. 08 - The Burial of the Rats, Pt 2
9. 09 - A Dream of Red Hands
10. 10 - Crooken Sands

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Nine Gothic Horror Tales by the author of Dracula. Note : These tales are not for the squeamish!!! 0r a dark windy night.


andy wogan

The readers particularly Katey & Hayley make these short stories of Stoker both lively and much too my surprise amusing While the main thrust is of course gothic horror, there is a wry humour and even comic aspect in some of the stories. I would love to hear a tale told by the two aforementioned women as I'm sure the duo's aptitude for accents would do justice to any novel.