A Double Barreled Detective Story cover

A Double Barreled Detective Story

Mark Twain

1. 01 Part 1 Chapter 1
2. 02 Part 1 Chapter 2
3. 03 Part 1 Chapter 3
4. 04 Part 1 Chapter 4
5. 05 Part 1 Chapter 5
6. 06 Part 2 Chapter 1
7. 07 Part 2 Chapter 2
8. 08 Part 2 Chapter 3
9. 09 Part 2 Chapter 4 & 5

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A Double Barrelled Detective Story is a novel by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), in which Sherlock Holmes finds himself in the American west.At a mining camp in California, Fetlock Jones, a nephew of Sherlock Holmes, kills his master, a silver-miner, by blowing up his cabin. Since this occurs when Holmes happens to be visiting, he brings his skills to bear upon the case and arrives at logically worked conclusions that are proved to be abysmally wrong by an amateur detective with an extremely keen sense of smell, which he employs in solving the case. This could be seen as yet another piece where Twain tries to prove that life does not quite follow logic.



- Double barrelled detective story

Well read, quite a light story but worth a listen


- Very funny

Mark Twain does a number on the iconic Sherlock Holmes, along with a good tale and a tidy mystery. Well read.