Diary of a Pilgrimage cover

Diary of a Pilgrimage

Jerome K. Jerome (1859-1927)

1. 01 - Preface and Monday, 19th
2. 02 - Thursday, 22nd
3. 03 - Friday, 23rd
4. 04 - Saturday, 24th
5. 05 - Saturday, 24th - Continued
6. 06 - Half of Saturday 24th, and Some of Sunday, 25th
7. 07 - End of Saturday, 24th, and Beginning of Sunday, 25th - Continued
8. 08 - The Rest of Sunday, the 24th
9. 09 - Sunday, 25th - Continued
10. 10 - Tuesday, the 27th
11. 11 - Tuesday, the 27th - Continued
12. 12 - Tuesday, the 27th - Continued
13. 13 - Friday, 30th or Saturday, I am Not Sure Which
14. 14 - Monday, June 9th

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A possibly fictionalised account by the comic novelist Jerome K. Jerome of a trip to Germany that he undertook with a friend in order to see the famous Passion Play at Oberammergau. The journey takes in London, Dover, Ostend, Cologne, Munich, Oberau, Oberammergau and then back to London via Heidelberg. As one might expect from the author of 'Three Men in a Boat', much goes wrong along the way, including seasickness, strange food, stranger beds, misleading guidebooks, bewildering train timetables, and numerous cultural and linguistic misunderstandings.


Frances Hsueh

The echo is a bit strong for rendering the reading clear. Over all a good reading.