Diary of a Nursing Sister on the Western Front 1914-1915 cover

Diary of a Nursing Sister on the Western Front 1914-1915

Anonymous, attributed to Kathleen Luard (c.1872)

1. 01: Waiting for Orders
2. 02: Le Mans – Wounded from the Aisne
3. 03: First Experiences
4. 04: First Battle of Ypres
5. 05: Ambulance Train – British and Indians
6. 06: Ambulance Train – Christmas and New Year
7. 07: Ambulance Train – Winter on the Train and in the Trenches
8. 08: Ambulance Train – Rouen, Spring in NW France
9. 09: Field Ambulance – Billets, Life at the Back of the Front
10. 10: Festubert, Boulogne, Posted

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The title is, I think, self explanatory. The nurse in question went out to France at the beginning of the war and remained there until May 1915 after the second battle of Ypres when she went back to a Base Hospital and the diary ceases. Although written in diary form, it is clearly taken from letters home and gives a vivid if sometimes distressing picture of the state of the casualties occasioned during that period. After a time at the General Hospital in Le Havre she became one of the three or four sisters working on the ambulance trains which fetched the wounded from the Clearing Hospitals close to the front line and took them back to the General Hospitals in Boulogne, Rouen and Le Havre. Towards the end of the account she was posted to a Field Ambulance (station) close to Ypres (Ieper, or in First World War speak ‘Wipers’)