The Diamond Master cover

The Diamond Master

Jaques Futrelle (1875-1912)

1. 01 The First Diamond
2. 02 Tweedledum and Tweedledee
3. 03 Thursday at Three
4. 04 The Unlimited Supply
5. 05 The Astute Mr. Birnes
6. 06 The Mysterious Woman
7. 07 A Winged Messenger
8. 08 Some Conjectures
9. 09 And More Diamonds
10. 10 The Big Game
11. 11 The Silent Bell
12. 12 The Third Degree
13. 13 Mr Czenki Appears
14. 14 Caught In The Net
15. 15 The Truth in Part
16. 16 Mr Czenki Explains
17. 17 The Great Cube

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A perfect diamond worth millions is mailed, in a plain package, to a diamond dealer. Then he finds that identical diamonds were delivered to other diamond dealers. Where did the gems come from? Who sent them? And why? (Introduction by Dawn)


Andy Wogan

- the diamond master

I enjoyed this clever tale and the reading was good. The only disappointing aspect was that it ended rather abruptly as if the author suddenly realised he was late for a deadline. This left a few frustrating strings untied