Desert Drama: Being the Tragedy Of The Korosko cover

Desert Drama: Being the Tragedy Of The Korosko

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)

1. 01 Preface and Chapter 1
2. 02 Chapter 2
3. 03 Chapter 3
4. 04 Chapter 4
5. 05 Chapter 5
6. 06 Chapter 6
7. 07 Chapter 7
8. 08 Chapter 8
9. 09 Chapter 9
10. 10 Chapter 10

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Also published under the title The Tragedy of the Korosko (1898). A group of European tourists are enjoying their trip to Egypt in the year 1895. They are sailing up the River Nile in a "a turtle-bottomed, round-bowed stern-wheeler", the Korosko. They intend to travel to Abousir at the southern frontier of Egypt, after which the Dervish country starts. They are attacked and abducted by a marauding band of Dervish warriors. The novel contains a strong defence of British Imperialism and in particular the Imperial project in North Africa. It also reveals the very great suspicion of Islam felt by many Europeans at the time.