Days with the Great Composers cover

Days with the Great Composers

May Gillington Byron (-1936)

1. 01 A Day With Beethoven
2. 02 A Day With Mendelssohn
3. 03 A Day With Schubert
4. 04 A Day With Chopin
5. 05 A Day With Wagner
6. 06 A Day With Gounod
7. 07 A Day With Mozart
8. 08 A Day With Schumann
9. 09 A Day With Tschaikovsky

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These light entertainments, originally published anonymously, are an imagined day in the life of each composer (Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Chopin, Wagner, Gounod, Mozart, Schumann, Tschaikovsky). This gives the author scope to describe each one's work and life, sketchily, of course, but interestingly.