Davy and the Goblin cover

Davy and the Goblin

Charles E. Carryl (1841-1920)

1. How the Goblin came
2. The Beginning of the Believing Voyage
3. In the Sugar-Plum Garden
4. The Butterscotchmen
5. Jack and the Bean-stalk's Farm
6. The Giant Badorful
7. The Moving Forest
8. Sindbad the Sailor's House
9. Lay-overs for Meddlers
10. Ribsy
11. Robinson Crusoe's Island
12. A Whale in a Waistcoat
13. The Talking Waves and the Old Sea-dog
14. The End of the Believing Voyage

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Eight-year-old Davy reads Lewis Carroll's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and begins to get very sleepy. Suddenly a goblin appears in the fire and takes Davy on a "believing voyage" much like Alice's own adventures in Wonderland, where he meets many characters from fantasy and literature.