Dave Dashaway and His Hydroplane cover

Dave Dashaway and His Hydroplane

Roy Rockwood

1. The Young Aviator
2. The Baby Racer
3. A Wild Night Ride
4. A Business Boy
5. A Ten Thousand Dollar Order
6. Aborad the Hydroplane
7. A Rescue in the Fog
8. A Puzzling Disappearance
9. A Giant Airship
10. Something Wrong
11. N.A.L.
12. Dave's Discoveries
13. Hiram Dobbs and the Biplane
14. The Missing Aircraft
15. At the Aerodrome
16. The "Monarch II."
17. On the Wing
18. On Desert Island
19. The Searchlight
20. Across the Border
21. A Chase in Mid Air
22. Dave a Captive
23. Hiram's Adventures
24. The Escape by Aircraft
25. Caught-Conclusion

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Never was there a more clever young aviator than Dave Dashaway. All up-to-date lads will surely wish to read about him. This second volume of the series shows how Dave continued his career as a birdman and had many adventures over the Great Lakes, and how he foiled the plans of some Canadian smugglers. (From the 1913 edition)