Curly and Floppy Twistytail (The Funny Piggie Boys) cover

Curly and Floppy Twistytail (The Funny Piggie Boys)

Howard R. Garis (1873-1962)

1. Curly Twistytail Is Named
2. Floppy Gets His Name
3. Pinky's Rubber Ball
4. How Curly Helped Mother
5. Curly and the Elephant
6. Flop and the Bag of Meal
7. Piggy Boys at School
8. Curly Is Vaccinated
9. Curly and the Spinning Top
10. Flop and the Turtle
11. Curly and the Chestnuts
12. Baby Pinky and the Doctor
13. Curly and the Big Apple
14. The Piggies and the Pumpkin
15. The Piggies In a Cornfield
16. Flop Has a Tumble
17. Mr. Twistytail's Lost Hat
18. Mother Twistytail's New Bonnet
19. Curly and the Sour Milk
20. Flop and the Pie Lady
21. The Piggies and the Jelly
22. Flop and the Marshmallows
23. The Piggies and the Fish
24. Curly and the Afraid Girl
25. The Piggies At the Party
26. Floppy and the Bonfire
27. Flop and the Skate Wagon
28. Pinky and the Lemon
29. The Piggies and Santa Claus
30. Floppy and the Stockings
31. The Twistytails' Christmas

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The adventures of two little pig boys and their mom and dad. "Once upon a time, not so very many years ago, in the days when there were fairies and giants and all things like that, there lived in a little house, on the edge of a wood, a family of pigs. Now these pigs weren't like the pigs, which perhaps you children have seen on most farms. No, indeed! They were just the nicest cleanest, sweetest pigs you ever dreamed of—not that pigs on a farm can't be clean, if they want to, but, somehow or other, no one seems to have time to see that they are clean."