Cruise of the Esmeralda cover

Cruise of the Esmeralda

Harry Collingwood (1851-1922)

1. Chapter I - The Story of the Buried Treasure
2. Chapter II - The Cryptogram
3. Chapter III - 'The Esmeralda'
4. Chapter IV - In Blue Water, Part 1
5. Chapter IV - In Blue Water, Part 2
6. Chapter V - A Wreck and a Rescue, Part 1
7. Chapter V - A Wreck and a Rescue, Part 2
8. Chapter VI - The Tragedy on Board the 'City of Calcutta'
9. Chapter VII - The Strange Fate of the 'Northern Queen'
10. Chapter VIII - The Chief Mate has a Presentiment
11. Chapter IX - An Eventful Night
12. Chapter X - On a Lee-Shore
13. Chapter XI - A Ghastly Waif of the Sea
14. Chapter XII - The Solution of the Cryptogram
15. Chapter XIII - The New Crew, Part 1
16. Chapter XIII - The New Crew, Part 2
17. Chapter XIV - Plot and Counterplot
18. Chapter XV - We Arrive at the Treasure Island
19. Chapter XVI - The Finding of the Treasure: And What Followed
20. Chapter XVII - The Recapture of the Barque
21. Chapter XVIII - A Pacific Hurricane
22. Chapter XIX - In Dire Extremity
23. Chapter XX - The End of the Adventure

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After his father died, Captain Saint Leger and his family are left destitute. However, the Saint Legers have a family secret: an ancestor is said to have buried a vast fortune in gold and jewels somewhere in the Eastern Seas. The catch: all directions are encrypted. Nevertheless, Captain Saint Leger decides to take a chance and sails east. A journey full of adventure begins, including pirates, storms and mutiny...