A Crown for Joanna cover

A Crown for Joanna

Sister Mary Jean Dorcy (1914-1988)

1. 0 - Prologue - The Gossip of the Market Place
2. 1 - Pawn on a Chessboard of Kings
3. 2 - A Question of Thrones
4. 3 - The Long Road to Aviero
5. 4 - A Gown for a Princess
6. 5 - Thorns for a Crown
7. 6 - The Glory of the King's Daughter
8. 7 - Crowns
9. 8 - Epilogue - The Market Place 1490

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She was born a princess, heir to her father’s kingdom of Portugal, and she might at will have reigned from almost any throne in Europe. But instead of this, she made what to her world seemed a thoroughly mad choice – for she chose to have a throne in heaven. Today those scepters are dust which she would not accept, and as Blessed Joanna of Portugal she possesses a throne imperishable… This children’s biography of Blessed Joanna of Portugal was written by Sister Mary Jean Dorcy, a Catholic Dominican Nun. The author is probably best known for her exquisitely intricate paper cutting silhouettes, with which she illustrated her books. (Introduction from the original book and by Maria Therese)