The Crevice cover

The Crevice

William J. Burns (1861-1932)

1. 01 - Pennington Lawton and the Grim Reaper
2. 02 - Revelations
3. 03 - Henry Blaine Takes a Hand
4. 04 - The Search
5. 05 - The Will
6. 06 - The First Counter-Move
7. 07 - The Letter
8. 08 - Guy Morrow Faces a Problem
9. 09 - Gone!
10. 10 - Margaret Heffermann's Failure
11. 11 - The Confidence of Emily
12. 12 - The Cipher
13. 13 - The Empty House
14. 14 - In the Open
15. 15 - Checkmate!
16. 16 - The Library Chair
17. 17 - The Rescue
18. 18 - The Trap
19. 19 - The Unseen Listener
20. 20 - The Crevice
21. 21 - Cleared Skies

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The sudden death of wealthy and prominent financier, Pennington Lawton from an apparent heart attack, followed by the shocking revelation of his impending bankruptcy, leaves his sole heir and only daughter, Anita, distraught and nearly penniless. Nonetheless, she is determined to unravel the mystery surrounding her father’s death and the loss of his great fortune. To this end she engages the famous detective, Henry Blaine who is determined to unravel the tangled web of deception and restore both her father’s reputation and Anita’s inheritance.Isabel Ostrander, who also wrote under the pseudonyms Christopher B. Booth, Robert Orr Chipperfield, David Fox, and Douglas Grant, was a prolific author of early American crime fiction. In The Crevice she collaborated with coauthor, William J. Burns, who served for three years as director of the Bureau of Investigation (a predecessor of the FBI)and was also famous for his exploits as a private detective. His cases served as material for the “true” crime stories he later wrote and published in detective magazines in the early 20th century.



- The Crevice

Good detective story, exiting from start to end. Good reader


- The Crevice

A very good story, very well narrated throughout once you get used to the 'clipped' manner of pronunciation.