The Creature from Cleveland Depths cover

The Creature from Cleveland Depths

Fritz Leiber (1910-1992)

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“The Creature from Cleveland Depths” also known as “The Lone Wolf” tells the story of a writer and his wife who refuse to move below-ground after the cold-war gets hot. The underground society discovers a decline in their ability to creatively innovate, and must consult with surface dwellers to develop products that satiate the needs of a people living like moles. But the latest product to result from this alliance, “The Tickler” has frightening implications that only our heroes seem to notice. – This story appeared in the December, 1962 issue of “Galaxy” magazine.



- Creature from Cleveland Depths

Enjoyable little story, well read by Gregg.

Sheri Calkins

- Mechanical secretary

At 8:16, he describes the "mechanical secretary" -- we have it today, we call it a "smart phone". Firtz Leiber was wonderful! This is a good story, reader is fine, though the audio quality is a little muzzy. Still, very enjoyable!