Cornelli cover


Johanna Spyri (1827-1901)

1. Foreward
2. I - Beside the Roaring Iller-Stream
3. II - Up in the Top Story
4. III - New Appearances in Iller-Stream
5. IV - The Unwished-for Happens
6. V - A Newcomer in Iller-Stream
7. VI - A Friend Is Found
8. VII - A New Sorrow
9. VIII - A Mother
10. IX - A Great Change
11. X - New Life in Iller-Stream

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Cornelli lives in Iller-Stream with her widowed father, who calls on two Ladies of Culture to come spend time with Cornelli during one of his business trips, hoping that their influence will refine and improve his daughter. Instead, the ladies prove to have no real love for Cornelli, and she, being a sensitive soul, turns inward and becomes sullen and uncooperative. A boy who comes on a visit to Iller-Stream for his health befriends her, and this begins a chain of events that turn Cornelli's life right-side up again.