Coquette, Or The History of Eliza Wharton cover

Coquette, Or The History of Eliza Wharton

Hannah Webster Foster (1758-1840)

1. Introduction
2. Letters I through VII
3. Letters VIII through XIV
4. Letters XV through XXIII
5. Letters XXIV through XXIX
6. Letters XXX through XXXVII
7. Letters XXXVIII through XL
8. Letters XLI through XLIII
9. Letters XLIV through L
10. Letters LI through LVI
11. Letters LVII through LXI
12. Letters LXII through LXVI
13. Letters LXVII through LXIX
14. Letters LXX through LXXIV

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The classic early American epistolary novel about the seduction and ruin of a passionate young woman. Based on the true story of Elizabeth Whitman, whose lonesome death in childbirth in a Connecticut inn sparked widespread discussion and outrage, the novel went through many editions and innumerable printings in the century after its initial publication in 1797.